Autobiography Part Two

After waiting 18 years since the last one, I really must write a new autobiography. Here are some dot points for the moment. I might turn it into something connected and/or entertaining later, or at least fix the punctuation.

  • teaching philosophy of science, cosmology, and history of philosophy, at the Australian National University; my substantive post was Lecturer in Philosophy before I moved to Wollongong, and I still do the same work since moving, only less of it
  • my research is mostly in foundations of statistics, and related areas of applied biostatistics; I also have a research interest in methodological pluralism in scientific research, and recently I’ve been interested in philosophy of physics, and in foundations of normativity
  • briefly Senior Lecturer in Creative Arts (kinda sorta — I was really more of a consultant) at the University of Wollongong
  • Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (kinda sorta — I believe I am the worst mathematician to ever hold this post) at the Australian National University
  • some consultancy work
  • occasional animal advocacy work, recently mostly with Medical Advances Without Animals
  • lots of animals — see Most of the guinea pigs and alpacas in the photos are ours, and I also help to look after the cows and geese
  • music is still the best thing ever